Board Advisory Services

An organization’s board of directors is responsible for the operational, strategic, and financial performance of that entity.  Boards are responsible for setting policy guidelines for how management should operate, short- and long-term goals for the organization and systems to ensure that management is acting according to these directives.  They are also responsible for putting procedures in place to measure the progress of corporate objectives.  The role of the board is key to the success of your organization, so finding the right people to sit on it is paramount.

Are you curious as to what a board of directors for your company might look like?  Centri can help you build a board that focuses on your vision and goals for growth.

As you establish your board of directors, Centri’s experts will provide guidance so they can successfully meet your corporate objectives.  We can provide your board with the resources it needs to operate in an ever-changing business landscape.  Our years of experience in both private and public companies will help address a wide variety of needs and risks that your board members will likely face.

Centri can help you build a board and determine its areas of focus.  Our board advisory services include:

  • Board Member selection and search
  • Committee Charter Preparation
  • Board & Audit Committee Effectiveness Assessment
  • Board and Committee Presentation Development
  • New Board Setup
  • Investment Banker Interview and Selection
  • Corporate Governance Policy Preparation

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