Board Advisory Services

Corporate Governance Advisory to Build Your Board of Directors

Your organization’s board of directors is responsible for the operational, strategic, and financial performance of your company. They set policy guidelines for how management should operate, determine short- and long-term goals, and establish systems for accountability and transparency. Corporate governance teams are also responsible for engineering and implementing procedures to measure the progress of your organizational objectives.

At Centri, we know a strong board of directors is key to the overall success of your company. We have years of experience vetting and selecting board members who will focus on advancing your unique vision and future growth goals. We’ll guide you through the process and provide valuable resources for a strong corporate governance structure that addresses your needs and risks.

Corporate Governance Consulting You Can Count On

Centri’s team of experts will help you build your board of directors and determine its areas of focus. We offer a comprehensive suite of board of directors advisory services, including:

  • Board member selection and search
  • Committee charter preparation
  • Board and audit committee effectiveness assessments
  • Board and committee presentation development
  • New board setup
  • Investment banker interviews and selection
  • Corporate governance policy preparation

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