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Helping Your Firm Invest In The Right Steps Forward.

Completing a private equity transaction is ultimately about the big picture outcome for your firm, but it requires attention to the fine details too. Sometimes bringing all those pieces together can require more time and support than your in-house team can offer. 

Our private equity advisory team provides the support you need at every stage — from pre-close to the first 100 days and post-acquisition integration, through to exit planning. We provide timely service and communication exactly when you need it most, so your firm can efficiently close deals that are profitable. 

How Our Private Equity Accounting & Advisory Services Work.

You need a partner that’s nimble and able to jump in at any stage in the life cycle of both your investment, and the fund itself. Our team of PE consulting experts can do just that. Here’s a glimpse at how our team can help.

Securing strategically best-fit investments and optimizing purchase price and terms through negotiating insights; effectively quantifying the risks, costs and opportunities associated with business transition and accelerating transaction speed to close without compromising thorough planning for Day One.

Identifying and minimizing risks, accelerating transition timelines, and minimizing cost variability to ensure the transaction priorities and investment thesis are achieved – regardless of transaction structure.

From the first 100 days into the holding period or after, Centri can offer guidance and support to help grow your portfolio investments including:

When it’s time to divest, Centri can advise you on your next steps including:

Why Choose Centri for Private Equity Advisory?

We know that each potential investment is unique, which is why our experts take the time to assess needs and goals, dig into the details, and provide the support you need to move forward with confidence. Our team has experience in a variety of industries  and company stages (public or private, mature or emerging growth.)

Centri’s private equity advisory team partners with you to provide services that will best support your firm. Plus, with our team, you don’t have to worry about conflicts of interest since we don’t provide audit and attest services. As a tightly integrated team, our goal is to make sure you achieve the best possible outcomes from your next transaction or business deal.

Meet Our Private Equity Practice Leader

Curtis Farrow, Managing Director, Private Equity Practice Leader

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