Transaction Advisory

Managing technical accounting and financial reporting issues is essential to executing your deal efficiently and disruption-free. At Centri, we understand the path upon which you are embarking as we have been there before.

The Centri M&A Transaction Advisory Services team provides a wide range of advisory services that simplify accounting issues for deals of all kinds. Combining accounting, finance, reporting, valuation, integration, and technology skills, our multidisciplinary teams of professionals are experienced with all types of complex deal structures and transactions. We bring the knowledge, insight, and perspective that come from years of practical experience to guide you through the entire deal process.

Examples of recent transactions include:

M&A Due Diligence – Buy-Side

  • Quality of earnings analysis;
  • Working capital and balance sheet assessment;
  • Evaluation of future expectations and forecasts;
  • Purchase accounting analysis;
  • Financial instrument valuation;
  • Technical accounting research and guidance;
  • Pro forma financial statements;
  • SEC communications; and
  • Acquisition integration of accounting and finance functions.

M&A Due Diligence – Sell-Side

  • Quality of earnings analysis;
  • Carve-out financial statements;
  • Investment banker interviews; and
  • Assistance with the creation of a robust detailed growth model.

Centri’s professionals will guide you through the entire deal continuum, and beyond. We provide strategic and operational insights as we perform our diligence, because we understand that the real work starts when the deal is signed and completed.

Please contact us to explore how our expertise aligns with the specific transaction needs of your company.