Our Fields of Expertise

At Centri, our Team of experts have experience in both public accounting and industry. This uniquely qualifies us to support your company in delivering the answers you need to deal with the complexities of the ever-changing accounting environment. Centri works with senior management to provide support solving their toughest and most complex issues by bringing a process to an executable strategy. We combine our deep industry experiences and awareness to enable confident action. No matter how complicated your business challenges, or the complexity of your transaction, we have the capabilities and knowledge to deliver the answers you need. Our services include:

  • SEC Compliance & Financial Reporting
  • SOX Compliance and Internal Controls
  • Technical Accounting Research
  • Valuation Services
  • M&A Readiness & Transaction Advisory
  • CFO Advisory Services
  • And much, much more

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SEC Compliance & Financial Reporting

Whether you are a public or private company we have a solution to fit your financial reporting needs. We provide our clients who are public issuers, as well as those that intend to be, with the technical expertise necessary to prepare the periodic reports required to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Whether you need assistance with your filings for an initial public offering, reverse merger or the disclosure of a significant event or transaction we are there to help.

Our clients in the private sector appreciate the value in having a professional assist them with the preparation of their monthly, quarterly or annual financial statement requirements.

By calling upon our considerable business experience and accounting backgrounds, we address your complex challenges head-on, whether leading the charge or supporting your team.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance & Internal Controls

We provide our clients with an organized approach to developing an effective internal control environment. We assist management with their assessment of internal control over financial reporting by utilizing the criteria as set forth by the COSO Framework. The key to implementing a successful Sarbanes-Oxley Act (“SOX”) Section 404 compliance program is an understanding of the five components of internal control namely the Control Environment, Risk Assessment, Control Activities, Information and Communication and Monitoring Activities. Our professionals utilize their years of experience to implement, document, test and report on our clients control framework in the most effective and efficient manner.

Whether you need an assistance with testing or a complete SOX implementation our team of experienced professionals have you covered.

IPO Readiness

Whether you need assistance with preparing the financial statements and disclosures for inclusion in a S-1 or an assessment in order to determine your company’s readiness to transform from a private to public entity we have you covered. The key to preparing for an IPO is to start acting as if you were a public company now. We work with your management team, attorneys and bankers in order to ensure deadlines are met and that the filings are accurate.

Technical Accounting Research and Position Papers

Some of our clients have the technical knowledge, but would rather focus their time on building or running their business, rather than researching accounting guidance and assembling a position which is supported by the guidance. Whether the topic is how to account for a particular stock option grant, preferred share issuance, deconsolidation of a subsidiary, or some other complex accounting topic, our experienced team can assemble an accurate and technically sound position paper which describes the background of the issue, the supporting literature, and a well-supported conclusion.

CFO Advisory Services

As interim CFO for our clients, we provide analysis and guidance to assist the team in making appropriate business decisions, based on the financial and strategic goals of the organization. We provide a unique fit to our clients: a true understanding of each industry that we service and professionals with appropriate experience to ensure that their fit within your organization is seamless.

Acquisition Accounting and Purchase Price Allocation

The deal closes soon: the terms have been negotiated and funding has been set up. Operationally the next steps are covered. Now you may find yourself asking “How does this purchase agreement translate into the financial statements?” That’s where we come in. We’ve prepared countless acquisition accounting memos for our clients which lays out in plain English the necessary guidance, and journal entries to record, in order to correctly account for your transaction. We also work directly with your external valuation team to provide assistance with the purchase price allocation procedures.

Audit Support

Our experience lends well to pre-audit support, which, among other things, can include workpaper preparation and documentation, compiling white papers on technical issues, preparing financial statements and assistance with your internal control framework. Our services can significantly limit questions from auditors, not to mention reduce the amount of time spent on audit requests.

Corporate Governance Policies

Whether you are a public or private Company there are a number of corporate governance policies or best practices that need to be in place. That is where our clients look to us to assist them in drafting their Code of Ethics, Charters, Trading and Whistleblower policies, just to name a few. We ensure that each policy has captured the necessary requirements of the Company and ensure our clients that they have a top notch set of policies to communicate and enforce.