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Making Sure You’re Audit Ready When It Counts

Whether they’re required by regulatory agencies, financial institutions, or your stakeholders — audits are an unavoidable part of doing business. However,  audit preparation requires a lot of extra effort on top of regular operations. The process can overwhelm your team and quickly go awry without a strategic plan.

But with the help of Centri’s audit support experts, you can find preparation services tailored to fit your specific needs. We’ll help get you audit-ready, so you can focus on what you do best — running a successful business.

Here are the key steps of audit readiness you can take to set yours up for success:

Step 1

Assess the internal capabilities of your team to handle the audit on top of their regular duties.

Step 2

Communicate openly with your auditor in regard to the timeline and any concerns, related requests, and questions about the process

Step 3

Bring together or prepare documentation showing the performance of your company’s internal controls.

Step 4

Create a record of your accounting policies, and formalize details surrounding complex accounting scenarios. An audit consultant can help you strategize the right structure.

Step 5

Review your accounts and internal financials, ensuring that balance sheet reconciliations, analysis, and other auditor requested reports are correct and ready.

What You Can Expect From Centri’s Audit Readiness Help

Our team works as a liaison between your management and auditors to facilitate a smooth execution. That help includes:

  • Working with auditors regarding requirements for testing & documentation
  • Meeting with external auditors about complex technical accounting matters
  • Compiling of whitepapers and detailed memos on technical issues.
  • Preparing financial statements and schedules in an audit-ready format
  • Supporting new/existing applicable authoritative pronouncements
  • Coordinating and managing your PBC list response to auditors
  • Completing the SEC/ US GAAP disclosure checklists required from auditors
  • Prepping and maintaining your trial balance bridge for the audit
  • Providing tax advisory support and solutions
  • Supporting bankruptcy accounting documentation & reporting
  • Applying fresh-start accounting after emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Why Choose Us?

We understand what auditors are looking for, which means less time spent on requests and faster responses to auditor questions. Plus, our team can provide full support in-house if you have other needs tied to your audit, like post-acquisition integration, M&A services, or valuation help. 

You’ll work with one point of contact, but with Centri, we bring a full firm to the table. And as you continue scaling up, we are here to help manage the growing needs of your business.

Looking For More Support?

Here are some other related services that can be helpful depending on the goals you have for your business.

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Centri’s team of experts is ready to help you with your Audit Support & Readiness needs. You can learn more about our specialists on the One Team page:

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