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Ready To Build An Effective HR Department That Strengthens Your Business? 

Your employees are your most valuable asset when it comes to growing your business. But in a landscape where attracting, developing, and retaining talent is competitive, it’s crucial to figure out how to develop and invest in human capital to achieve your business goals. Otherwise, your business objectives are at risk and out of reach for your team to fulfill.

Figuring out where to begin with HR transformation is a difficult task, but it’s not one you have to tackle alone. Our team of experienced HR advisors helps you identify and prioritize key areas of improvement so you can create and see impactful and sustainable business growth.

How We Help Improve Your HR Effectiveness.

Centri partners with your leadership team to strategize, plan, and implement improvements where your organization needs them most. We can help you: 

  • Reposition HR as a strategic rather than administrative partner. 
  • Measure & relay data around your HR organization’s current state. 
  • Develop a human capital strategy that’s aligned with your business objectives. 
  • Design, develop, & implement HR/Talent programs that fulfill your human capital strategy. 
  • Enhance your employee experience to foster better engagement & retention. 
  • Create talent acquisition & selection strategies to find the top talent. 
  • Introduce Future of Work concepts & technologies to leverage blended, hybrid, or remote workforces. 
  • Assess your best options to manage the cost-of-service delivery. 
  • Leverage cloud-based platforms, automation, & artificial intelligence to streamline operations. 
Find Results You Can Count On Upfront.

Your choice to undertake these changes should yield a positive impact. Our HR advisory services are designed to deliver just that. You’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits, including: 

  • Enhanced awareness of HR’s contribution as a strategic partner to the business. 
  • Aligned human capital strategy & People/Talent programming to support business objectives. 
  • Clarified line of sight from business strategy through People/Talent programming. 
  • Refined operations/delivery model (technology & organizational structure) that supports People/Talent programming.  
  • Assistance with compliance of federal, state, and local employment regulations 
  • Establishment of a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) strategy 
  • Reduced cost of service delivery administration  
  • Increased administrative efficiency & accuracy 
  • Improved ease of access to & reporting of key analytics tied to business objectives

Centri’s Approach to HR Advisory. 

Our goal is to help you find your ideal HR structure and optimize HR solutions to ensure they support your business and its growth goals. Our HR advisory solutions are based on a 3-prong approach. 

1. Strategy Alignment

Finding the right Human Capital initiatives starts with gaining insight into the current state of HR. We use our proprietary HR Pulse Assessment (HRPA) survey tool to compile and analyze data from your organization’s senior business leaders and provide measurable insights.

2. Program Effectiveness

Next, we help solidify the People/Talent programs you need to support the goals of your business. The result is a set of top-priority recommendations in key areas (performance management, succession planning, employee engagement, etc.). From there we’ll help with People/Talent program refinement or full design and development.

3. Operational Efficiency 

In this final phase, we’ll look at end-users (leaders, managers, employees) needs and define a solutions-based delivery model that best meets them. The focus is on leveraging best practices, including an ideal HR structure and the implementation of rational technology solutions (e.g., centers of excellence, digital transformation, cloud-based information systems).

Why Choose Centri’s HR Advisory Services?

Apart from expertise in the services above, our team carries 60+ years of experience in a variety of small, large, private, and public business settings. From that, we’ve crafted a proprietary HR advisory process that’s adaptable to meet the unique needs of your business model.  

Looking For More Support?

Here are some other related services that can be helpful depending on the goals you have for your business.

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