Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory

Comprehensive M&A Advisory That Supports Your Success

The transactions surrounding mergers and acquisitions are both intricate and time sensitive. M&As are extremely important deals that can make or break a business, so mistakes are unacceptable.

To ensure your M&A deal is executed efficiently and without disruption, our team provides expert transaction advisory services. We’ll help you make the right deals that bring your company the greatest benefit, no matter your position in the merger or acquisition. We have the foresight to address imminent challenges before they happen, helping the process run as smoothly as possible.


We provide a variety of M&A support services at every step of the process. These include:

  • Working with you to determine potential growth opportunities, whether you want to expand your market or offer new services.
  • Helping you evaluate potential merger or acquisition targets based on your growth objectives.
  • Assessing the benefits and risks of each target through detailed financial analysis and forecasting.
  • Conducting a thorough evaluation of your chosen target to ensure you get the most out of the merger or acquisition deal.
  • Handling due diligence so you’re well-equipped to make a decision and close your deal with confidence.

Along with M&A, we can advise you on the accounting of deals like consolidations, tender offers, management acquisitions, and asset acquisitions.

Expert Merger Services

Our team of experts will guide you through the intricacies of any merger, big or small. We have the expertise and experience to handle a variety of mergers, including congeneric, market extension, product extension, conglomeration, horizontal, or vertical.

Specialized Acquisition Services

Whether you’re acquiring a new company or being acquired yourself, we’re here to help you anticipate and solve any challenges that come your way. Our skilled team can provide technical accounting assessments and strategic financial analyses, along with comprehensive integration planning.

We’ve prepared countless acquisition accounting memos for our clients in accordance with ASC 805. These memos lay out the necessary steps to take and records to keep to account for your transaction. We also offer post-acquisition and integration assistance to help you seamlessly transition into your new position, whether you’re the acquired company or the parent company.

End-to-End Transaction Advisory Services for a Smooth Deal

Successfully executing technical accounting and financial reporting tasks is essential to a smooth merger or acquisition. We’ve provided deal advisory services for a wide variety of clients, so we understand the obstacles and potential pitfalls that can occur during corporate transactions. You’ll find a snapshot of both our buy- and sell-side M&A transaction services below.

Buy-Side M&A Due Diligence Services

Sell-Side M&A Due Diligence Services

  • Quality of Earnings Analysis
  • Carve-out Financial Statements
  • Investment Banker Interviews
  • Assistance with the Creation of Robust, Detailed Growth Models

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