Valuation Services

As companies across all industries record more and more complex financial transactions and instruments on their balance sheets, keeping up with the correct method to value those assets and liabilities can be confusing and time consuming. Centri’s expertise in both the valuation and accounting disciplines gives clients an advantage as they enter into even the most complex financial instruments or other valuation challenges. From equity valuation and purchase price allocations to complex financial instruments, Centri’s professionals offer specialized expertise and multilayer skill sets to ensure the independent valuation is performed and reported accurately. As the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) continue to update and converge their standards, our team monitors and stays apprised of the valuation implications (and business ramifications) of the changes to ensure you remain in compliance with current standards and meet your business goals.

Centri is dedicated to providing the highest quality independent valuation consulting services by being reliable and responsive to your needs and objectives. We select the right client service team to match your specific objectives. This allows us to offer a tailored and custom solution to help you measure, analyze and report on a broad range of valuation issues. Centri specializes in valuations for companies of various sizes, business stages and industries. Our experienced professionals use their analytical skills, business acumen and expertise with industry best practices to determine the appropriate valuation model. Whether the need is best met by utilizing a more complex methodology, like a Monte-Carlo or Lattice/Decision-Tree analysis, or a more traditional approach, such as a Discounted Cash-Flow (DCF) or Direct Capitalization analysis, Centri’s experts work to ensure the results meet your objectives and are appropriately interpreted, recorded and disclosed within your financial statements.

Our Valuation Services include:

  • Embedded Derivatives or Bifurcation of Convertible Securities (ASC 815)
  • Contingent Consideration / Earnouts
  • Incremental Borrowing Rate (ASC 842/IFRS 16/GASB 87)
  • Equity-Based Compensation (IRC 409A/ASC 718)
  • Strategic Planning: Valuation of Potential Acquisition Targets/Spin-offs/Buy-outs/Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Fair Value Measurements (ASC 820/IFRS 13)
  • Financial Assets & Liabilities
  • Fresh Start Accounting
  • Tax Planning (including Gift, Estate, Charitable Contributions
  • Goodwill & Other Intangibles Impairment Analysis (ASC 350/ASC 360 & IFRS 36)
  • Purchase Price Allocations Related to Business Combinations (ASC 805/IFRS 3)
  • Private Equity Portfolios
  • Variable Interest Entities


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