R. Jeffrey Galli

Senior Director, Quality Control


Jeff is a Senior Director at Centri Business Consulting. He has more than 40 years of experience in public accounting to bear in the rendering of advice on accounting. As a member of Centri’s National Office, he performs quality control reviews of financial reporting and technical accounting deliverables.

Prior to his time with Centri, Jeff was a Deloitte Senior Partner. For almost a quarter century, he was a member of the Firm’s Professional Practice network. He distinguished himself at the time as being the only Professional Practice Director for both commercial and financial services clients in the Firm’s northeast audit practice, the largest audit practice in the Firm.

Resident in the Philadelphia office and part of the Firm’s National Office, he was the senior technical accounting and auditing partner for the local office and was frequently sought for consultation on complex accounting and auditing matters. One of his primary responsibilities was championing the Firm’s quality initiatives, often serving as an instructor on current developments.

Among his many other duties, he had responsibility for client acceptance and continuance, evaluating partners’ quality performance, overseeing the inspection process [PCAOB, peer and internal] including serving as an inspection coach, performing special reviews in connection with transfers of interests, and assisting teams in responding to SEC comment letters.

Given his risk management skills, he performed the partner quality control review on several of the Firm’s largest and most complex audit clients. He also served as a specialist in the use of the Firm’s proprietary Fair Value Analyzer software which was used to fair value complex financial instruments.
In addition to his service as a National Office partner, he was the Lead Client Service partner on fifteen different public companies, as well as numerous private clients. His clients included companies in various industries including manufacturing, life sciences services, energy, retail, distribution, insurance, and banking. He provided insights to his clients in the areas of IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings, carve-outs, regulatory compliance [e.g. -SOX], and the adoption of new accounting standards. He provided counsel to clients in connection with their efforts to raise billions of dollars of capital. Jeff has also served as an accounting expert in dispute matters including testifying before the SEC.

Early in his career, he was one of only four first-year managers selected to serve a year tour of duty in the Continuing Education Department of his Firm’s National Office. During his tour, he was one of the authors of the Firm’s healthcare training course. He also administered the Firm’s regional partner/manager training programs and taught numerous technical training courses.