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Have You Taken The Pulse of Your Organization? 

Human resources is at the heart of your company’s success. And whether you have an established HR team or are a fast-growing company looking to build one, evaluating the HR organization is key to staying competitive.

But how can you tell if you truly have an effective HR organization? Do you have an organization that’s:

  • Poised to support company growth and key business goals?
  • Capable of supporting the Future of Work?
  • Ready to serve your human capital strategy and talent needs?
  • Set up with the right tools and solutions to help end-users?

There are a lot of different HR strategies to support business growth, but finding the right one can be a daunting task. With this HR assessment, you can use measurable data presented in an easy-to-digest format to inform your next steps in HR transformation.

What It’s Based On

Developed from 60+ years of first-hand HR experience amidst small, large, private, and public companies, this assessment analyzes the 3 critical dimensions of an effective HR organization.

1. Strategy Alignment
Is your HR organization able to support the company’s business strategy?

2. Program Effectiveness
Is your HR organization making the right impact company-wide?

3. Operational Efficiency
Is your HR organization equipped to provide productive outcomes?

How The HR Pulse Assessment Works

The assessment itself is taken in 3 parts, all guided by Centri’s HR advisory team. And when it’s completed, our HR experts will compile the results and spend time reviewing them with your team so you’re set to begin your HR transformation journey.

Part 1
Part 1

Each participant takes a short survey created from our database of 500 questions. The survey questions are tailored to your business model and industry.

Part 2
Part 2

Each participant sits down for a one-on-one interview with our experts to review in-depth questions and survey findings.

Part 3
Part 3

All participants come together for a focus group session to discover how they perceive the value of their HR organization and its delivery.

Why Use An HR Assessment?

While you can try to do an in-house review, there’s value in getting an objective viewpoint from experts with an outside perspective and proven process. And while there are plenty of 1-800 numbers for HR advice, there’s no guarantee who you’re working with has the right qualifications or expertise in your industry.

But when you work with Centri’s team to take the HR Pulse Assessment, you can have peace of mind that you’re being guided through an HR evaluation that’s:

  • Curated from a database of questions developed by HR experts.
  • Created to fit your unique business model and industry.
  • Crafted to provide a holistic view of your HR organization.
  • Constructed to provide clear analysis and practical takeaways.

Ready to See if Your Company is Poised for Growth?

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