Navigating HR Technology Transformation: The Importance of Client-side Project Implementation Services

The transition to a modern Human Resources Information System (HRIS)/Human Capital Management (HCM) platform or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solution can significantly enhance a company’s operational efficiency and competitiveness. However, the process of deploying a new HR technology delivery solution can be complex, challenging, and time-consuming for your team. This is where the expertise of Centri’s HR Advisory consultants is invaluable. Centri provides specialized knowledge and experience that can streamline the implementation process, mitigate risks, and ensure the solution aligns with the business’s strategic goals. Above all else, there are five key benefits of engaging Centri for your HR technology transformation project.

  1. Expertise and Specialized Skills: Centri brings specialized knowledge that the internal team may lack, which is crucial for handling specific challenges posed by new technologies. For instance, a consultant with expertise in cloud solutions would be instrumental in migrating an organization’s data to the cloud seamlessly, addressing specific security concerns and compliance requirements.
  • Objective Perspective: We provide an unbiased viewpoint that helps in identifying issues that may not be apparent to internal stakeholders. For example, during implementation, we can help identify redundant processes that could be removed or streamlined, which internal teams accustomed to the status quo might overlook.
  • Risk Management: Our HR Advisory consultants can help to foresee potential risks and institute effective mitigation strategies. During the implementation, we can identify potential integration issues with existing platforms and suggest proven methodologies or modifications to avoid disruptions.
  • Training and Change Management: Centri can play a crucial role in supporting your staff to adapt to a new solution. We ensure your workforce is capable, equipped, confident, and ultimately effective in using the new solution. For example, as part of the implementation phase, we develop a communications and training plan to ensure everyone who engages with the new solution has their needs met through access to necessary information and training specific to their role.
  • Dedicated Project Management: You and your team members have full-time jobs. There is never sufficient time to properly manage such an important and sometimes complicated transformation project. Implementation support from the technology vendor side, sadly, is oftentimes spotty. In our unique role, we represent your interests, managing the entire project and vendor relationship, ensuring smooth interactions, information and data sharing, adherence to time commitments, and, ultimately, milestone achievement.

A successful project requires each party to understand their role and how they will work together towards a common goal. 

Assessment: Begins with a thorough assessment of current systems and business processes to tailor the implementation strategy effectively.

Vendor Liason: Partner with vendor project manager to coordinate tasks, resolution, and status of activities.

Planning and Design: Involves designing a project roadmap, defining the scope, and setting realistic timelines in consultation with the client and vendor.

Implementation Support: Aid in the technical setup, configuration, and customization of the system.

Training and Change Management: Facilitate workshops and training sessions to help employees transition smoothly to the new system.
Communication and Collaboration: Needs to ensure open lines of communication and provide necessary resources and access as required by the consultant.

Feedback and Direction: Must offer timely feedback and direction to align the project with business goals and ensure its relevance.

Adoption and Utilization: Responsible for encouraging user adoption and integrating the new system into daily operations.
Technical Support: Provides ongoing technical support and resolves issues that arise during and after the implementation phase.

Updates and Maintenance: Ensures software is up-to-date and meets evolving needs of the business through regular updates and maintenance.

Customization and Integration: Assists in customizing and integrating the system with other tools and platforms as per business requirements.

How Centri Can Help

Leveraging the expertise of Centri’s HR advisors on your technology transformation project brings a wealth of benefits, including specialized knowledge, objective insights, risk mitigation, and effective change management. With clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the consultant, client, and vendor, the project is more likely to be successful, ensuring the new solution adds the maximum possible value to the business.

Client-Side Implementation ServicesVendor-Side Implementation Services
Ownership: These services are managed by Centri HR Advisory consultants.

Responsibilities: Project Management: The consultant oversees the project, coordinates internal resources, and ensures alignment with organizational goals.

Vendor Laison: Partner with vendor project manager to coordinate tasks, resolution, status of activities.

Strategic Planning: Analyzing the environment, understanding business needs, and planning for successful implementation.

User Training: Identifying training sessions for end-users to adapt to the new system.

Data Migration: Assisting with identifying existing data to migrate from legacy systems.

Ongoing Support: Addressing post-implementation issues and troubleshooting.

Advantages: Direct Control: The client has direct control over project decisions.

Alignment: Aligns with the client’s business processes.

Challenges: Resource Intensive: Requires dedicated internal client resources. If not available, then additional consultants are needed.
Ownership: These services are managed by the vendor.

Responsibilities: Configuration and Setup: Configuring the software based on best practices.

Technical Implementation: Installing, integrating, and customizing the system or solution.

Testing: Ensuring the solution works as intended.

Knowledge Transfer: Training client staff on system usage.              

Advantages: Expertise: Vendors specialize in system implementation.

Efficiency: Faster deployment due to vendor experience.

Scalability: Can handle large-scale projects. Challenges:

Generic Solutions: May not fully align with unique client needs.

Dependency: Relies on vendor availability.

Ray Zaso

Senior Director | Human Resources Advisory Practice

Ray is a Senior Director at Centri Business Consulting. He has more than 30 years of Human Resources and Finance Strategy, Business Transformation and Technology Consulting experience. View Ray Zaso's Full Bio

Michael Warech

Managing Director | Human Resources Advisory Practice Leader | Ph.D.

Michael is a Managing Director at Centri Business Consulting and is the leader of the firm’s Human Resources Advisory Practice. He has more than 30 years of experience designing, developing, and implementing data-driven human capital solutions that demonstrably impact an organization’s bottom line. View Michael Warech's Full Bio

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