Technical Accounting Research and Position Papers

Companies enter into complex deals every day that will make a significant impact on how transactions are recorded on their financial statements.  The repercussions of that deal can ripple through your organization creating the need for numerous man hours to research, review and document the effect on the financial statements.  Some companies have the technical knowledge in-house but would rather focus their time on building or running their business, rather than researching accounting guidance and assembling a position which is supported by the guidance.

Our experienced team has the bandwidth and research tools readily available to assemble an accurate and technically sound position paper which describes the background of the issue, the supporting literature, and a well-supported conclusion that can be used by auditors or regulatory agencies.

Our Technical Accounting services include research on the following topics just to name a few:

  • Revenue Recognition analysis
  • Lease Accounting analysis
  • Business Combination analysis and Purchase Price Allocations
  • Financial Instruments & Derivatives
  • Variable Interest Entities (VIEs)
  • Stock Compensation matters  
  • Segment Reporting analysis
  • US GAAP to IFRS analysis
  • Discontinued Operations analysis
  • Debt Extinguishment & Modifications


Please contact us to explore how our expertise aligns with the specific Technical Accounting Research needs of your company.