Dale Jones

Senior Marketing Manager

Dale is a Senior Marketing Manager at Centri Business Consulting. She has more than 25 years of marketing experience, primarily in the financial services industry. She joined Centri in April 2022 and assists with the day-to-day marketing initiatives and enables the team with analytical insights to best support the growth of the firm. She supports the development and execution of marketing strategies and plans; develops and refines team processes, organization, documentation, and budgets; supports Segment Leaders and Department Managers in a variety of ways to keep projects on track and on budget; and leads cross-functional programs with other departments.

Prior to her time with Centri, Dale was a Senior Research Analyst with Utilities Employees Credit Union in Wyomissing. She has also worked in marketing roles at Susquehanna Bank, VIST Bank, and Distributed Systems Services (an IT services organization). Dale’s experience has been centered on the strategy and analytics side of marketing, with an emphasis on targeted marketing via Customer Relationship Management (CRM) usage and analytical reporting insights.

Dale received a B.S. in Marketing and Management from Millersville University. She’s also a graduate of the American Banker Association’s School of Bank Marketing and Management and the CrossState Credit Union Association’s Judge/Bradley Leadership School.