Yaakov Starck

Senior Analyst

Yaakov is a Senior Analyst at Centri Business Consulting. He has more than 5 years of experience in financial valuation and consulting services. He joined Centri in February 2024 and assists clients across various industries, specializing in advising clients on the fair value treatment of complex financial instruments (CFI) such as derivatives, options and warrants, convertible debt and equity instruments, and contingent consideration. Yaakov also has extensive experience supporting clients with fair value treatment and valuation for the purposes of SPAC, IPO, and M&A transactions, as well as filings with the SEC. His expertise extends to financial reporting and tax matters, including 409a, ASC 718, ASC 820, and ASC 842.

Prior to his time with Centri, Yaakov was a Senior Associate at KPMG in New York and Tel Aviv, where he performed valuation services for clients across various industries, including large corporate companies, government entities and institutions, banks, private equity firms, investing houses, and other financial service companies.

Yaakov received a M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics from Bar Ilan University in 2015  and a B.A. with a concentration in Mathematics from Hebrew Theological College in 2009.