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Developing An ESG Strategy For
Long-Term Value

Environmental, Social, and Governance issues impact businesses and companies of all sizes across a variety of industries. Companies are increasingly making statements to demonstrate the long-term value they provide to various stakeholders including investors and consumers.

Statements from such companies regarding their ESG goals and achievements are attracting increased scrutiny from stakeholders and regulators alike. 

The Board of Directors and Management of companies are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and adequacy of these ESG reporting requirements and disclosures, helping to identify new opportunities and manage long-term investment risks.

Whether your business has an ESG program in place or is in the process of developing an ESG strategy, or if you are a Board Member, Head of Sustainability, or Finance personnel in charge of ESG initiatives at your company, our team will provide you the guidance to confidently move forward with your ESG journey.

Centri’s expert team of consultants offers a range of ESG services that are tailored to your needs at the moment and in the future:

ESG Governance Metrics & Integration Strategies

  • Board Member Advice and Education
  • Establishing Governance Structure
  • Risk Assessment
  • Developing an ESG Strategy
  • Metric Development and Framework Adoption

ESG Policy, Procedures, and Controls Implementation

  • Process Documentation & Controls Identification
  • Systems Evaluation

ESG Assessment and Reporting

  • Assurance Readiness
  • Internal Audits
  • Disclosures and Reporting

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