Human Resources Advisory Services

Human Resources Advisory Services to Strengthen Your Business

A connected, informed, and agile human resources department is a must for any company, whether you’re a start-up or have been in business for years. But HR organizations face many challenges, including employee engagement, recruiting, a tight labor market, and talent retention. HR is also responsible for maintaining open lines of communication and building strong relationships between your management and the larger workforce.

At Centri, we believe your employees are a sustainable, competitive advantage and your company’s number one asset. Our seasoned professionals will add immediate value to your organization by realigning your HR department to support your strategic growth goals and objectives. From payroll and recruiting to employee benefits operations and supporting technologies, our HR management consultancy services have you covered.

How We Improve the Effectiveness of Your HR Department

Our team of experts will work with your human resources executives to plan, strategize, and implement improvements throughout your organization. Here’s our approach:

  • Reposition HR operations as strategic, rather than administrative
  • Move HR away from the traditional “gatekeeper of information” role 
  • Develop recruiting strategies to find the best and brightest talent
  • Improve the employee onboarding experience to foster better retention
  • Integrate and connect your remote workforce to in-office employees
  • Maximize your employee benefits operating activities
  • Assess the best options to manage cost-of-service delivery
  • Determine the overall impact of centralizing, decentralizing, or outsourcing services
  • Leverage the use of cloud-based technology platforms, automation, and AI

Our Comprehensive HR Consulting Services

Centri will work with your human resources executives to improve your overall business performance through the following activities:

HR Transformation

  • Evaluate the performance levels of your current HR organization
  • Develop a future delivery model for HR operations (including your technology platform) and create a migration plan for effective change

HR Enablement

  • Operationalize your business strategy through the establishment of your HR organization
  • Define, develop, design, and execute a plan to establish or reinvent your HR department

Organizational Readiness

  • Manage your workforce through an IPO, merger, or divestiture
  • Identify workforce needs to best support the impact of implementing new business structures, processes, and technologies as part of company redesign initiatives

Technology Platform Adoption

  • Define your information needs to support the implementation of shared service centers, workforce self-service, and cloud-based human resources information systems
  • Implement best practices to manage the people side of your operations efficiently and effectively

Why Choose Centri’s HR Advisory Services?

There are many reasons to select Centri as your trusted HR business advisory services partner. Here are just a few differentiators that set us apart:

  • Experience working with remote workforces
  • Expertise in process improvement and systems implementation
  • Utilization of a service delivery model to best match required HR service objectives with technology delivery vehicles
  • Experience designing and implementing HR shared services and workforce self-service solutions
  • Broad expertise with cloud-based solutions implementation

Results You Can Count On

Our technical HR advisory services are designed to transform and enhance your organization’s human resources experience. You’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  • HR alignment with your operational goals
  • HR becoming a strategic business partner
  • Reduced costs of HR administration
  • Expanded access to HR information
  • Business objectives linked with reporting
  • Improved administrative efficiency and accuracy

Need Our Expert Human Resources Advisory Services?

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