Human Resources Advisory Services

Seasoned Professionals Working With You to Transform the HR Experience

Our Human Resources Advisory professionals add value to your business from day one, assisting HR Executives with aligning their Human Resources organization to support the strategic growth goals and objectives of your business. Whether a start-up or mature business, we believe a connected, informed, and agile HR organization is a must-have for leading companies. Your workforce is the sustainable competitive advantage, and your human resources team needs to be ready to attract, retain, and develop talent.

Centri’s Human Resources Advisory practice works with you in assessing your human resources, payroll, employee benefits operations, and supporting technologies. We work with HR Executives to help plan, strategize, and implement improvements throughout the organization. We look at:

  • Repositioning HR operations to be strategic rather than administrative
  • Developing recruiting strategies to find the best and brightest talent
  • Making the on-boarding experience memorable
  • Integrating your remote workforce as they become the dominant segment of a company’s operating model
  • Assessing the best options to manage the cost-of-service delivery
  • Determining the overall impact on service levels by centralizing, de-centralizing, or outsourcing services
  • Leveraging the use of cloud-based technology platforms, automation, and artificial intelligence

Our approach is designed to assist human resources organizations to become more effective by redesigning broken processes, responding to the demand for better technology, linking the office to the remote workforce, and helping to move away from the traditional “gatekeeper of information” role. Centri will work with you to improve your business performance through the following activities:

HR Transformation: Evaluate the performance levels of your current human resources organization, develop a future delivery model for human resources operations, including your technology platform, and create a migration plan for effective change.

HR Enablement: For early start-ups or mature businesses, operationalize your business strategy through the establishment of your HR operation. Define, develop, design, and execute a plan to establish or re-invent your HR department.

Organization Readiness: Manage the workforce through an IPO, merger, or divestiture. Identifying workforce needs to best support the impact of implementing new business structures, processes, and technologies as part of business redesign initiatives

Technology Platform Adoption: Defining the information needs to support the implementation of shared service centers, workforce self-service, and cloud-based human resources information systems. Implementation of best practices to manage the people side of your operations efficiently and effectively.

Results You Can Expect

  • HR alignment with the goals of the organization
  • HR becoming a strategic business partner
  • Reduction in the cost of HR administration
  • Expanded access to HR information
  • Business objectives linked with reporting
  • Improved administrative efficiency and accuracy

Consulting Differentiators

  • Experience working with remote workforces
  • Expertise in process improvement as well as systems implementation
  • The utilization of a service delivery model to best match required HR service objectives with technology delivery vehicles
  • Experience in designing and implementing HR shared services and workforce self-service solutions
  • Broad experience with cloud-based solutions implementation

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