Amid significant market fluctuations, companies within the insurance industry have continued to generate growth, leading to widespread consolidation across the industry.  Insurance brokerages have continued to be a focus of M&A activity and continue to drive value and efficiency by establishing a centralized accounting and reporting function.  For the typical insurance company, increased regulation and reduced margins have driven the need for lean accounting and financial reporting teams and continued evolution across the organization.  Further, InsurTech opportunities continue to challenge the status quo for this well-established industry, as industry stakeholders look to revolutionize the industry in the quest for additional margin and scalability.

With extensive opportunity and evolution within the industry, companies must consistently streamline and manage the accounting and financial reporting challenges, at times under both statutory and US GAAP accounting standards, while keeping internal control requirements in focus.  That is where Centri comes in.  Our experts provide key services to companies within the Insurance sector, allowing those managing and growing insurance related businesses to focus on architecting, and executing on, plans for the growth and success of the organization. We regularly support the execution on our clients’ growth plans, not simply as another set of hands, but as experts to ensure efficient execution on the plan.

We leverage of our depth of knowledge in the insurance and related industries to advise our clients, tailoring our teams and services to your needs. Our services are designed to evolve as the demands of your company emerge and expand. Our commitment to quality remains unchanged, regardless of the size and scope of the engagement.

Our services to companies within the insurance industry include:


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