SEC Compliance & Financial Reporting

With an ever-changing regulatory environment, SEC reporting continues to be a challenge that many public companies face. The introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulations has limited the ability of the public registrant’s external auditors to assist with implementing and reporting on these complex matters. However, you do not need to tackle these reporting needs alone. Whether you are a public company filing with the SEC or a private company compiling financial statements for a prospective deal with a public entity, Centri and its team of accounting professionals will work with you to develop a solution to fit your financial reporting needs. We provide our clients who are public issuers, as well as those that intend to be, with the technical expertise necessary to prepare the periodic reports required by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Whether you need assistance with your filings for an Initial Public Offering, a reverse merger or the disclosure of a significant event or transaction, we are here to help.

Reporting in compliance with the technical rigors of the SEC may not be a top-of-mind concern for many private companies, but our clients in the private sector also appreciate the value of having a professional assist them with the preparation of their financial statements, whether it be monthly, quarterly or for an annual filing requirement.

Our SEC Reporting Services include:


Please contact us to explore how our expertise aligns with the specific SEC compliance and financial reporting needs of your company.