Technology based companies operate in a fast-paced environment where remaining focused on delivering innovative and advanced products is essential to success in a competitive market place. Companies in the technology sector must consistently manage the accounting, financial reporting and internal control requirements resulting from M&A, raising capital, going public while still remaining focused on research and development efforts for the future. Centri’s services to the technology sector provides attention and expertise to those managing and/or investing in technology based businesses. We will support and guide your business through the financial reporting and related compliance challenges of this continuously evolving industry.

We will advise you by leveraging our depth of knowledge in the technology sector while tailoring our services to your needs. Our services are designed to evolve as the demands of your company emerge and expand. Our commitment to quality remains unchanged, regardless of the size and scope of the engagement.

Our services to the Technology sector provides guidance to innovative companies at every stage of a their lifecycle and include:


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