Technology Companies:  Accounting and Advisory

Software and technology-based companies must deliver innovative products to thrive in a fast-paced and competitive marketplace. At the same time, they have to continuously manage the accounting, reporting, and control requirements of R&D, raising capital, M&A, or going public. Strategic planning, accelerating adoption, and providing transparency for stakeholders are also key to success in these industries.

Whether you manage or are investing in a technology or software company, our team will provide the attention you need in complex business models. Our ability to anticipate hurdles and address them before they become major roadblocks also provides measurable value for our customers. No matter your goals, our extensive experience in accounting issues for tech companies will help you go the distance.


Experienced Technology & Software Accounting Services

Centri’s technology sector services offer guidance to innovative businesses at every stage of their lifecycle. You can learn about our services below.

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